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Empowering Mums: A Parents Workshop On Teen Safety.

Updated: May 9

Young girl smiling at the camera
Young girl smiling at the camera

The teen years are often marked by a unique set of challenges. As adolescents push the boundaries of independence, parents find themselves struggling to maintain a balance between safeguarding their children and granting them the freedom to grow. Recognising the need for guidance and support during this critical period, we have developed a new live workshop designed exclusively for mothers, aimed at addressing concerns about teen safety while nurturing their growing independence.

Understanding the Teenage Terrain.

The teenage years are a time of significant change, not only for adolescents but also for parents. As young people strive to carve their own identities, they often take risks that can be alarming for parents. This workshop, titled "A Parent's Workshop on Teen Safety" offers a wealth of resources, strategies, and support to help mothers navigate this unpredictable phase of parenting.

Workshop Highlights

Tailored Content.

The workshop program is crafted by experts in adolescent psychology, parenting, and safety. It includes sessions on understanding teenage cognitive and emotional development, which can play a crucial role in knowing when to assert control and when to let go.

Practical Safety Tips.

One of the core components of the workshop is educating mothers on practical safety tips that they can teach their teens. From handling peer pressure and being street smart, the workshop covers a wide array of topics that are crucial for teen safety in today's real world.

Young girl doing karate
Young girl doing karate

Communication Skills.

At the heart of managing teen independence safely is effective communication. The workshop includes interactive sessions on how to talk so teens will listen and how to listen so teens will talk. These skills are vital in maintaining an open line of communication, which is essential for any parent trying to support their teen’s quest for independence.

Expert Guidance.

The workshop will feature talks and Q&A sessions with a certified Parenting Coach and a Self defense specialist who bring in-depth knowledge on teen safety. Their expertise will provide an added layer of reliability and reassurance to the content provided.

Why Attend?

The transition from child to teenager doesn’t come with a manual, and it can often leave parents feeling uncertain and powerless. This workshop aims to equip mothers with knowledge and skills to confidently guide their teens towards independence in a safe and supportive manner. By understanding the risks and learning strategies to mitigate them, mothers can not only protect but also empower their teens.

Safety is a collaborative effort, and educated, empowered mothers are one of the strongest safeguards against the risks teens face. Whether you are dealing with a 13-year-old just stepping into the teen years or an 18-year-old who’s gearing up for college, this workshop offers valuable insights and tools for every stage of the journey.

Join Us!

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will not only enhance your parenting toolkit but also strengthen your relationship with your teen. Follow this link to register for the Parents Workshop on Teen Safety to register and take a proactive step towards fostering responsible, safe, and independent young adults. Spaces are limited, so ensure you secure your spot in this essential workshop and join a community committed to teen safety and positive growth.


Paula Sampson Lawrence

Parenting Coach
Owner of Accelerate


Self Defense Instructor &
coach for mums on keeping their children safe.
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