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Transformational Parent Coaching

Are you tired of yet another chaotic bedtime, power struggle with your kids or constantly losing patience with them? Or maybe you are struggling with a specific issue with your child and find yourself resorting to yelling all the time to get things done.


Let me help you. I believe that true transformation requires help in the form of a coach. Click here to read all about

the benefits of hiring a parenting coach.  

Our parent coaching programme is called 'Untriggered Parenting'. You will work me, Paula  - a mama of four, and Certified parent coach with Jai Institute of Parenting. 

I offer 6 or 12 week sessions available in a group setting or 1 on 1.

My coaching is Parent-centric based on the latest research in child development, attachment, and nervous system science.

Paula Sampson Lawrence - Parent Coach

Paula Sampson Lawrence - Parent Coach

 I will work with you to find solutions to any parenting conflicts you may be experiencing and give you tools to improve connection and communication with your children. 

Email me at or contact me here to arrange an initial 30 minute consultation. I can't wait to work with you!

 You can also connect with me on Instagram and our dedicated Facebook Group, which can be found here . Please join the group to be part of a community of like minded mama's.


Listen to our dedicated parenting podcast. Don't forget to like and subscribe to it. 

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