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Passionate about empowering 

Hello and welcome to Accelerate Empowerment! I’m Paula, a youth mentor and certified parent coach. I am truly passionate about empowering young girls to become the very best version of themselves and supporting their families. Did you know that according to research a girls self esteem peaks at age 9?

I don’t know about you but I find that to be a shocking statistics and one that we absolutely must work to change.

Paula Sampson Lawrence
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I was a young girl who lacked confidence, was riddled with anxiety and had no idea that I had any control over my inner thoughts.


I then spent 15 years as a dance teacher working with young people in dance studios, primary and secondary schools across the UK. I witnessed first hand young girls battle with their confidence, self esteem and body image. I was more than a dance teacher to many of the young people I taught, I was their mentor, encourager and cheerleader.


Now as a mum of four children (two of which are girls) I absolutely didn’t want my girls growing up feeling the same way that I did! I’m sure that many parents across the world share this same feeling.

One girl at a time.....

I began to search for information and tools that encouraged emotional and social literary, promoted wellbeing and positive self image. I studied positive psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming for children and Understanding Mental Health for young people. I also became certified Parenting Coach where i gained knowledge of science based parenting strategies including non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, somatic (feeling within the body), and generational pattern coaching.


I am a big believer of ‘learning to teach’ so I have taken all the tools and information that I’ve learned and I wanted as many young girls to have access to it, not just my girls. This is how Accelerate Empowerment was born!


There are many shocking statistics regarding young girls but we can help change girl at a time.

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