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4 things to model to your daughter

I’m sure as a parent you’ve heard it said that our children don’t do what we say, but what we do. This is so true! Our children are always watching, always listening even when we think they are not.

So if you think about it, before singers and movie actors and Instagram influencers, we are our children’s first role models. So what are we teaching them?

Below are four things that you can start modelling to your daughters today.

  1. Positive Self Talk – what do you say to and about yourself when you’re frustrated? Are you harsh on yourself or do you give yourself grace for mistakes? We can teach our daughters to have positive self talk if we model it to them in the way we talk about ourselves.

  2. Self love – does your daughter see you practising self care and looking after yourself. If she sees you doing these things, she is more likely to do the same herself.

  3. Healthy living and exercise – taking care of yourself and having good nutrition will encourage your child to do the same. You will instil in her good habits that will serve her well as she grows up.

  4. A positive attitude – if you model an attitude of positivity and perseverance, you will teach your daughter what it means to be resilient, which is one of the most important qualities your daughter can learn. There is no need to go overboard and pretend that everything is always ok which is not realistic. Just a general attitude that whatever happens, you can get through it.

This is actually a win win situation because by becoming the best version of ourselves, we also influence our children’s lives in a positive way.

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