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Finding Your Way: How a Parent Coach Can Guide New Mums Through the Maze of Motherhood

Mum holding and bonding with baby
Mum holding and bonding with baby

A parent coach can provide invaluable support and guidance to new mums as they navigate the challenges of motherhood. Here's how a parent coach can help new mums:

1. Building Confidence:

   - Offer reassurance on parenting skills.

   - Validate the mother's instincts and decisions.

   - Help set realistic expectations for herself and her baby.

2. Coping Strategies:

   - Teach stress management techniques.

   - Provide tools for dealing with sleep deprivation.

   - Share methods for balancing self-care with caring for a newborn.

3. Emotional Support:

   - Create a safe space for the mother to express concerns and fears.

   - Help process emotions related to birth or adjusting to parenthood.

   - Address feelings of isolation by connecting her with supportive networks or groups.

  - Help develop routines that work for the mother and baby.

4. Resource Navigation:

   - Provide information on local services and resources, from lactation consultants to mum-and-baby groups.

   - Assist in accessing community or government support programs if needed.

5. Customized Parenting Plans:

   - Work with the mother to create personalized parenting strategies that align with her family values and lifestyle.

   - Address specific challenges with tailored solutions, such as managing multiples or a child with special needs.

6. Communication Skills:

   - Help improve communication between the mother and her partner or support system.

   - Offer tools for advocating for her needs and the needs of her baby.

7. Sustained Support:

   - Ongoing assistance to help adjust to motherhood as the baby grows.

   - Be a steady presence for questions and coaching as new parenting challenges arise.

A parent coach can provide a new mum with both the tangible skills to care for her baby and the emotional fortification to thrive as a parent. This support can be especially crucial during the first few months postpartum, which are often the most demanding.

Are you a new mum and are considering hiring a parent coach? Paula Sampson Lawrence is a Certified Parent Coach and mum of four. If you would like to book an initial consult call with her to see how she can support you, please click here.

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