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When you hear about empowering girls, maybe you’re thinking “what about the boys?” You’re right. Boys also need much of the same things girls need: an increase in self esteem, more self confidence, the encouragement of a growth mindset and strong self belief. I totally agree. I have two young boys of my own.

It is no secret however that gender inequality is still very much an issue that hasn’t gone away. Much of this inequality begins in the youth.

A report conducted by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) and the Princes Trust in 2021 found that the well being of all young people declined by the end of their teenage years. However the decline was more significant amongst girls and by the time girls reached 14 years of age, their self esteem falls remarkably.

We know that the pandemic will have further impacted the wellbeing of young people particularly with isolation during the periods of lockdown.

The transition from primary school into secondary school can be fraught with difficulties and create anxiety for many young people. However, the research shows that depression in girls begins to rise at this age and the number of girls who are unhappy is higher than the number of boys.

At Accelerate Empowerment, we designed our programmes to target 7-12 year olds, the period of time just before secondary school. We want to help girls establish a solid core self belief and strong identity before they are exposed to and influenced by social media and the pressures of growing up in todays society.

We create an environment where girls feel supported and empowered. They will be surrounded by their peers and through group discussion, role play and fun games, they will discover their strengths. We want girls to know that they are more than enough so that they will not seek validation from outside of themselves.

If there is a young girl in your life who you feel would benefit from attending one of our workshops, please click here to book a place.

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