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Untriggered Mama

Who knew being a parent could be so triggering? I certainly didn’t and as a result was absolutely NOT prepared for it.

I wanted to give my children what I didn’t have growing up. I wanted to be the kind of parent my children could be proud of. Instead, irritation, anger and frustration built up inside me everyday and i would end up losing it over the smallest thing.

It felt like my kids were poking their fingers into wounds I didn’t even know I had. I was triggered....constantly. I often struggled to remain calm, which like pouring gasoline onto fire, made the situation worse. Then inevitably, the shame followed.

It became a cycle that I didn’t know how to break but was desperate to.

If you're reading this, maybe you're stuck in this exact situation. What if I told you that it is absolutely possible to become the self controlled, peaceful mama you desire to be. Everyday doesn’t have to be a battle. It begins by realising that it all starts with you.

I am excited that i will soon be offering parenting coaching sessions aimed at mamas (and papas) who want to stop the cycle of chaos. Let me help you dive deep into some of the parenting challenges you are experiencing and help you come up with some solutions. Together, we can work towards shifting your reactions to enable you to stay regulated when your children are disregulated.

1. Register your interest here for the Untriggered Mama Parent Coaching Program.

2. Join our private Facebook group here for support from the community.

Let's uncover your inner untriggered mama!


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