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The Benefits of Mentoring and Coaching for Girls

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Research has shown that having a positive role model does wonders for a young person’s development. A role model can be in the form of a mentor or coach. From helping young girls get through a rough spot or to boost their self belief and confidence when they need it most, mentoring matters.

Here are five benefits of mentoring for girls.

1. Increased Self Awareness

A coach or mentor can help girls uncover their real feelings and explore her behaviors in order to understand herself better. This creates a more solid sense of self which will help her navigate life as she grows up.

2. Better Decision Making

A coach or mentor also serves as a listening ear, helping to brainstorm to find solution to and work through problem. A coach or mentor can encourage the young girl to make positive decisions based on who she is and what she really believes. This is particularly important in the teenage years where peer pressure can be significantly pronounced.

3. Self Esteem Building

Self esteem is vital to a young girl's well-being. Self esteem and self worth can really suffer in the lead up to and during the teen years. A coach or mentor will work to build up a young girls self esteem starting with helping her raise her self awareness as discussed above and helping her to challenge negative thinking and being more accepting of herself.

4. Improved Relationships with family and friends.

A coach or mentor will help to provide the skills that will improve the connection and communication between the young person and her parents, caregivers and friends. These are vital relationships in a young person's life and can sometimes be fraught with conflict. Empathy, better communication and gratitude are promoted as these are foundational to building and maintaining positive relationships.

5. Better Life Management Overall

A coach or mentor can help the young person with skills such as time management, setting goals and encouraging positive thinking and self talk. The aim is to help a young girl feel more confident and have resilience in themselves going through life.

If you feel that the young person in your life would benefit from a mentor, send us an email to

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