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One on One Coaching for Girls

We offer coaching and mentoring for tweens and teens to inspire and empower them to reach their full potential. Sessions take place virtually and can be tailored to focus on the particular needs of your child.


Click here to read more about the benefits of coaching and mentoring for girls.

Fill out the contact form below to arrange a 15 minute initial phone call to see how we can help your daughter.  

Transformational Parent Coaching

'This is not the kind of parent i want to be.....'

If you've said the above sentence to yourself, know that you are not alone. Many of us, (including myself!) were unprepared for the real pressures that come with raising children - no matter how prepared we thought we were beforehand!  Maybe you are struggling with a specific issue with your child, or you find yourself resorting to yelling all the time to get things done. Let me help you. 

Our parent coaching programme is called 'Untriggered Parenting'. You will work me, Paula  - a mama of four, and (soon to be) certified parent coach with Jai Institute of Parenting. I offer one on one sessions or group coaching sessions - whichever suits you better. Our self paced online programme will be available soon for those who prefer this method.


My coaching is Parent-centric based on the latest research in child development, attachment, and nervous system science.  I will work with you to find solutions to any parenting conflicts you may be experiencing and give you tools to improve connection and communication with your children. 

Get in touch with me using the form below. You can also connect with me on our dedicated Facebook Group, which can be found here  - I can't wait to work with you!


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